Nonprofits White Paper

Elaborate on that nonprofits success pack integrates "Marketing Cloud", "Sales Cloud", "Accouting Cloud", "Project Cloud" and "Budgeting Cloud" to achieve multi-functional integration, helping non-profit organizations to improve their fundraising capabilities and expand their influence.

Author: CloudCC Product Team

Production time: 2023

Total pages: 17

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CloudCC Nonprofit Cloud helps nonprofits break down silos between fundraising, marketing, programs and leadership by giving everyone a single, shared view of your organization, supporters, and data. The backbone of CloudCC Nonprofit Cloud is the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system by Cloudcc, to provide a single source of truth for all your constituent data.

How cloud CloudCC nonprofits helps you

  • Manage marketing activities by Increase customer acquisition channels.

  • Manage supporters by support 360 to increase donation rate and donation amount.

  • The project management helps nonprofits to increase the staff efficiency and outcomes.

  • Strict cost control and full-process supervision help non-profit organizations reduce unnecessary expenditures and increase the final profit.

  • The supporters satisfaction surveys can help nonprofits increase impact and visibility