Budgeting Cloud White Paper

Elaborate on how CloudCC Budgeting helps enterprises control costs and improve operational profits through modules such as "estimates", "budget", "accounting", "expenses", "external fees", and "projects".

Author: CloudCC Product Team

Production time: 2023

Total pages: 31

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In the sales process, the general sales process usually requires the enterprise to invest costs first and then generate revenue. This leads to a negative input-output ratio. Therefore, in the stage of establishing opportunities, it is very important to effectively control the cost range, that is, to form a estimate. During the contract signing stage, establishing a budget can effectively control the costs incurred during the delivery process.

What business problems can Budgeting solve for you

  • Develop a profit management model that includes estimates, budgets, and final accounts.

  • Manage personal expenses, material costs, and labor hour costs.

  • Control actual costs to not exceed estimated or budgeted costs.

  • Gain insight into profit and loss from the dimensions of opportunities, customers, and departments.