Marketing Cloud White Paper

"Omni-channel marketing automation, a one-stop marketing management solution to help companies continuously improve ROI."

Author: CloudCC Marketing Cloud Product Team

Production time: 2022

Total pages: 41

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In marketing activities, enterprises need to continuously meet customer needs and expectations, improve customer satisfaction through continuous optimization of experience, so that customer loyalty continues to increase, and establish a mutual trust and interdependence between enterprises and customers. In this process, how can enterprises close the distance with users and take into account multiple marketing channels? How to accurately pinpoint target users, improve customer acquisition efficiency, and win market opportunities? Can the advantages of mobile CRM be integrated into the marketing management software to optimize the enterprise marketing process and help the enterprise succeed? These are all things that enterprises need to consider in the current context of digitalization and the normalization of epidemics.

What are the issues that need to be considered for marketing in the era of stock?


  • How to reduce the risks that may arise from using marketing software?

  • How to choose a service provider?