Sales Cloud White Paper

"Explain in detail the CRM-based marketing customer acquisition solution, covering the whole life cycle management of customers, from pre-sale, mid-sale to post-sale, creating a full marketing link and enabling sales growth."

Author: CloudCC Sales Cloud Product Team

Production time: 2022

Total pages: 60

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The essence of CRM is to connect internal and external customers of the enterprise, break down information barriers, and build integrated management of pre-sales, sales, and after-sales with sales conversion as the core. With the deepening of the "customer-centered" concept and the increasingly mature CRM market, customer life cycle management is bound to be further refined. Use the same platform and system to make customer management standardized, intelligent and efficient, while connecting and integrating the existing business system to improve internal collaboration efficiency and enhance business management capabilities.

what value can CRM bring to the enterprise?

  • How to efficiently convert leads?

  • How to manage customer 360?

  • How to improve transaction rate of opportunity?

  • How to stimulate team collaboration?