Service Cloud White Paper

"Based on CloudCC PaaS platform and CRM, provides customers with a one-stop service management solution for online services and field services through the overall business of in-sales and after-sales."

Author: CloudCC Service Cloud Product Team

Production time: 2022

Total pages: 72

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Internet technology enables emerging enterprises to develop rapidly and expand vigorously, and promotes digital transformation of enterprises. However, how to carry out transformation is closely related to the strategy of the enterprise. Enterprises in different development stages of after-sales service business have different demands for enterprise service management. Combined with the company's different development strategies, it determines the positioning and development goals of the service department. How can enterprises increase revenue and reduce expenditure in the era of stock? How to combine advanced Internet technology to connect internal and external, improve enterprise productivity and operating efficiency requires extending not only to product development and design, but also to services and brands. High-quality services will bring better credibility and reputation for the enterprise, and make the products more competitive.

How to Build the Value Center of Enterprise Service Management in the Time of Stock Competition

  • Why should enterprises carry out digital transformation of after-sales service?

  • What are the needs and objectives of the service business?

  • What is the best path of service workflow?

  • How to build a customer oriented service value center?